Vermont Portraits : Medium Format

First 'personal' post on the blog, something I feel like I should do more of. Some time ago a few really good friend and I spent a long weekend in Vermont, herding llamas, testing our skills at being the most creative mid-day mixologists and packing in enough food that would surely allow us to hibernate for a long winter. Overall an amazing time and I was able to sneak in a few portraits with my Yashica 365 on a couple of different films. Hope you enjoy. 

Kirill : Cinematic Headshots

Kirill is an aspiring actor who has been casted in a number of big features such as The Avengers. See him getting his ass kicked by Scarlet; he's the guy on the left. Most recently he's been in FX's The Americans. You can check out all his work and his bio on his IMDB page

This is actually the second portrait session I did with Kirill. Our first session was a bit more traditional; big overhead soft-box, white background, clean. However, because his roles require him to play the bad guy more often than not, those images were deemed "too nice" by his agent. We decided to change things up and work on getting gritty, cinematic, and more in-character portraits. We took to the street at night and found a nice quiet street with a backdrop that suited our needs. Let's hope the agent approves. 

For those who are interested in how I lit these shots, I used 2 MagMod grids on my SB600, handheld by a wonderful assistant; Kirill's wife, Teresa.