Vermont Portraits : Medium Format

First 'personal' post on the blog, something I feel like I should do more of. Some time ago a few really good friend and I spent a long weekend in Vermont, herding llamas, testing our skills at being the most creative mid-day mixologists and packing in enough food that would surely allow us to hibernate for a long winter. Overall an amazing time and I was able to sneak in a few portraits with my Yashica 365 on a couple of different films. Hope you enjoy. 

Francesca & Michael : Wedding : Richmond County Country Club

The good thing about taking forever to post photos is that all the wonderful memories from that day come rushing back even months later. The smiles, the family pride, and the happiness filling up the entire house as everyone was getting ready at the house, the non-stop dancing and the dance-off to Outkast during the ceremony. It doesn't stop there but continues with the big sister channeling the recently deceased family cat to make a toast (I promise you, it was hilarious), as well as heart warming bride and groom dance as Michael's sister enchanted the room with her amazing voice.  

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did revisiting them.